Yeebo have now introduced a wide range of TFT modules with built in OGS capacitive touch panels as standards.
These are readily available and without tooling charge.

1.3inch YB-TG240240C02B-C-A

2.0inch YB-TG240320C266A-C-A 

 2.4inch YB-TG240320S28A-C-A

    2.4inch YB-TG240320S25A-C-A0

2.8inch YB-TG240320S27A-C-A

   2.8inch YB-TG240320S26A-C-A0

 3.5inch YB-TG320480S07A-C-A0

3.5inch YB-TG320480S07A-C-C0

3.97inch YB-TG480800S13A-C-A0

4.3inch YB-TG480272S20A-C-A0

 4.3inch YB-TG480272S12A-C-D1

4.3inch YB-TG480272C52A-C-A0

  5.0inch YB-TG800480S25A-C-A3

5.0inch YB-TG800480S25A-C-C0

 5.0inch YB-TG800480C87A-C-A0

  7.0inch YB-800480S28A-C-A2

 7.0inch YB-TG800480S28B-C-A

     10.1inch YB-TG1280800S06B-C-A1

10.1inch YB-TG1280800S06B-C-B0

10.1inch YB-TG1280800S07A-C-A0

        10.4inch YB-TG1024768S04A-C-B

         11.6inch YB-TG19201080C02A-C-A0

13.3inch YB-TG19201080S02A-C-A1

       15.0 inch YB-TG1024768S03A-C-B

     15.6inch YB-TG19201080C01A-C-A1

  15.6 inch YB-TG19201080C01A-C-B1

   15.6 inch YB-TG19201080S05A-C-A0

15.6 inch YB-TG19201080S05B-C-A0

We will keep you updated with additions to this range.

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